Over the last decade, a large ecosystem of opensource projects and commercial services have sprouted up around Selenium. This page attempts to capture some of the companies that make use of Selenium as a central part of what they do.

Functional Test Services

Service Description
Cloud-based service to run Selenium tests faster and more easily.
Selenium cloud testing in 300+ Real Desktop and Mobile Browsers.
Easy cross browser testing with Selenium in the cloud.
Test Selenium on 1000+ browsers and devices in the cloud.
Test automation framework with Selenium Webdriver plug-in to easily
create and manage tests on Selenium supported platforms and browsers.
Enterprise Selenium Grid - on-premises, secure, managed and highly scalable for Web and Mobile.
Cross Browser Testing cloud that allows you to run Selenium scripts on 2000+ differnet desktop and mobile browsers.

Monitoring & Load Testing Services

Service Description
The no-coding real-browser load testing software that knows how many users your website can handle.

Tools with Selenium Support

Service Description
A Model-Based test automation tool leveraging the power of Selenium.
Scriptless test automation builder for Selenium.
Open Source framework that allows users to develop automation code, create readable
keyword driven test cases and execute them across multiple machines all under a single Web interface.
Commercial platform that allows you to map selenium tests to requirements in HP ALM, run tests in IDE or CI and automatically report the test results into HP ALM, and much more.

Commercial Support, Services & Training

Service Description
Selenium consulting, training and coaching.
QA & automation services company with an expertise in Selenium.
RTTS is a QA Consulting firm with introductory and advanced courses for Selenium.
Excellent lab for Selenium and WebDriver automation including continuous integration services.
Selenium Automation, Custom Selenium Frameworks, Load testing using Selenium to simulate real usage.
Dutch company providing Selenium WebDriver consultancy, training and workshops.

Commercial Training

Service Description
Selenium consulting, training and coaching in Russian
Beginner training course on using Selenium and creating an automated test framework.
On-demand test automation services dedicated to Selenium.
Online Training Courses, and consultancy, for Selenium WebDriver with Java.
Selenium Test Automation Training, Selenium Test Framework Design, QA Project Assistance.
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